Using excitement to sell a new product

The excitement is building in our house, at least it is with the youngest member of the family. No I don’t mean Christmas but the UK release of the PS4 next week. He can’t wait! This got me thinking about the advantages of having a product or service that really excites customers and prospects. It’s something that Apple always achieves, Sony manages when it brings out a new Playstation and EA does it every year when the new version of Fifa is launched. How do they do it?

PlayStation 4 Display at PAX 2013

PlayStation 4 Display at PAX 2013 (Photo credit: camknows)

It helps that these brands have armies of loyal customers eagerly awaiting their next offering but then they take steps to build the excitement. This might involve a cloak and dagger press launch, hints on social media or announcing a release date. Often information is published months in advance of the product coming to market, more news is revealed in snippets in the lead up to the release date. The language is exciting describing features that will appeal to the aficionados. Sometimes pre-launch copies are made available to the press or to prospects via retailers, this will get the conversation going on social media and in the press and will contribute to the growing excitement. All this leads high volumes of pre-orders and to queues around the block when the product is finally launched and . So what can the small business owner learn from this?

  • understand what customers love about your product or service and, even more importantly, what they would like to see improved
  • in developing your new item keep what customers love and fix their gripes
  • start publicising new products or services well in advance of their release date and focusing on the things that will improve your customers’ experience
  • hold a press preview and make it exciting
  • give some of your most loyal customers and best advocates a sneek preview and invite them to share on social media
  • consider restricting volumes available on release date to incentivise people to order early

So will you launch a new product or service in 2014? Do you have plans in place? If not you might find our Planning for 2014 workout useful. See for more information


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