Fake it until you make it.

A friend of mine is on the verge of launching a new business. She is already very successful in a number of other ventures but today she owned up on Facebook that she was nervous about this launch. She had loads of encouraging responses and most said that they hadn’t realised that she ever felt fear. That’s because she’s really good at presenting a confident image.

There is a lesson here for us all and it’s in the saying ‘Fake it until you make it’. If you act confident and successful people will believe that you are both. Eventually so will you. On the other hand if you wear your doubts on your sleeve it will be difficult to be taken seriously, so here are some tips to boost your self belief.

  • Get a mentor or coach who will listen to your fears whilst finding ways to boost your self belief.
  • Be careful who you share your fears with, especially if they could be your customers.
  • Listen out for that inner voice that is telling you you can’t do something and shut it up!
  • Find a mantra that you can repeat whenever the doubts start to creep in. One of mine is: ‘You can if you think you can’.
  • Dress for success. Get a good haircut and clothes and shoes that look like you’ve made it.
  • Walk tall with your head held high. Use your body language to portray the image of success.

    Mother and son dressed to impress!

    Mother and son dressed to impress! We’re ready to mix with the rich and famous.

What are you waiting for?


1 thought on “Fake it until you make it.

  1. Great blog. How true – it is really important to roll one’s shoulders back, and look forward with confidence, even if nerves are setting in. Customers want to have confidence in the person they are dealing with and competitors would love to have access to the negative, which they can use to their advantage. Being self employed can be very, lonely and only the of self employed can understand the highs and lows. Though I personally would never of taken a different route. Lisa

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