Who believes in you?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson thanked Sir Bobby Charlton for believing in him in his early days at Manchester United. (Photo credit: thesportreview)

I’ve just watched Sir Alex Ferguson pay tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton for believing in him and giving him the time to succeed at Manchester United. Sir Alex’s incredibly successful career at the club got off to a slow start and it took him three years to win his first trophy, few clubs would have had the patience to wait for that long for success. However Sir Bobby Charlton and the Directors at Manchester United believed in Sir Alex and over the years he repaid their faith handsomely.

Later I watched a programme tracing Susan Boyle’s journey to overcome her anxiety attacks to perform her first full length live shows. It was quite a journey and she too needed a lot of belief and support from her team. Susan wobbled a number of times as she prepared for her first concert but she was surrounded by really patient, supportive people who believed that she could do it. They kept encouraging her and giving her practical help to overcome her nerves. As she says herself overcoming the challenges has made her more confident and given her a greater belief in her own ability.

These two examples got me thinking about how important it is to surround ourselves with people who believe in us. We need people who will encourage us when doubt descends. We need people who will challenge us to push at our boundaries and we need people who will be there to celebrate our successes.

So who believes in you? Have you shared your hopes and dreams with those people and let them know how they can support you as you go on your journey?


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