What will your word of 2014 be?

I don’t know if you saw the Queen’s Christmas message this year but her theme was ‘reflection’. She encouraged us to take time to think not just of the past but also the future, to think not just of ourselves but also others. Her speech got me thinking about my word for 2014.

I like the idea of choosing a word for the year. A word that will be our theme and move us, or our businesses forward. A word that will motivate or inspire us. A word that might last longer than the average New Year’s Resolution.

What word might you choose?

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Success
  • Determination
  • Innovation
  • Purpose
  • Focus
  • Challenge
  • Dedication
  • Intention
  • Support
  • Creative
  • Inspiring
  • Active
  • Implementation
  • Thoughtful

Committing to your word

When you have chosen your word display it so you will be reminded of it throughout the year. Display it in your workspace. Pin it on the fridge. Make it your screensaver. Share it with others. Set a daily, weekly or monthly reminder so that you refocus on your word and use it to move you forward.

Be clear about why you have chosen your particular word and what changes you need to make to ‘live’ it. How will you or your business be different at the end of the year to the start? What will you have achieved.

My word for 2013 has been ‘Intention’. I wanted to be more deliberate with my actions and decisions and make better use of my time. I’ve had some success but it is still a work in progress. At times I have lost sight of my word so next year I’ll make my word more visible and set up some reminders so that I stay on track. Now I just have to choose the right word, it might be focus, inspiring, challenge or a word I haven’t thought of yet. I’ll let you know when I’ve chosen it and hope you will share your word in our comments section here.


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