Another video goes viral.

I want to buy this product! You don’t really want me to explain why so I’ll let the video do the talking. So far it’s had over 22 million views!

Why does this video work?

Like so many videos that go viral there’s a good dollop of humour in this one. This is not a topic of conversation that well dressed posh ladies would normally talk about so the slight incongruity gets our attention.

This is a problem that many of us can relate to so we are interested in a solution. By the time we have listened to all the different scenarios in which we might need the solution we really want the product. Just in case we are in any doubt they then explain how it works so we are convinced. Then we’re given the website address so we can go and buy it.

The video is constructed in a way that works:

  • A smart lady sitting on a toilet gets our attention
  • The problem is explained in a way we can all relate to
  • The problem is elaborated so that we really want to find a solution
  • An explanation of how the product works creates conviction
  • We’re then led to the website so we can take the required action (i.e. buy it).

So here we have a great template for a video that works now the only thing we have to do is to find an original take on a story for our products or services and then we too can have a video that goes viral. Maybe! Why not share yours here?


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