What possible objections could your prospect have?

We can all think of reasons not to do something or reasons not to buy and if we can’t think of them ourselves someone else will point them out to us. That can mean we miss out on something that could improve our lives or our businesses. As business owners we need to make sure that our prospects don’t miss out and the way we do this is to anticipate objections and deal with them. This means starting with our marketing communications.

What reasons might your prospect have for dismissing your offer?

‘Who needs a diet coach, after all you just need to eat smaller portions and exercise more.

Would you have the will power to resist if you didn't have an appointment with your diet coach's scales?

Would you have the will power to resist if you didn’t have an appointment with your diet coach’s scales?

‘I’m not going to buy that lovely patchwork quilt because I could make it myself.’

‘I don’t need a business adviser because I understand what it takes to run a a successful business.’

These are typical of the types of conversations that our prospects are having either in their own heads or with their nearest and dearest. They are all good reasons why the prospect won’t buy but are they justified? Possibly not but unless we challenge them our prospects will not buy. We need to start by identifying the reasons our prospects will give themselves, or be given by others, for why they won’t buy. Make a list. Listen to the doubts people raise when you are talking to them. Do some research. Think about how you behave when you are considering a purchase.

Work out some counters to those objections

So the voice inside your head (or your husband) is saying, ‘You don’t need another pair of shoes,’ That might be true but you want them and so you are marshalling your arguments for having them. You’re good at this so you will find a convincing reason for why you have to buy them. That is what you need to do for your prospects. Help them to justify why buying is a good idea.

So take each of the objections you identified and prepare your ‘counter’ or, better still, a range of counters. Write these down and keep them somewhere safe.

Deal with the objections before your prospect raises them

Your prospect may be put off before you ever get to know about them. They may read your marketing material with interest but then start the internal dialogue that will stop them buying. They may think about buying but be dissuaded by a friend or family member. To try to stop this happening be upfront about possible objections in your marketing materials and then counter them.

‘I know you don’t really need another pair of shoes but because these use the latest technology I guarantee that these will be the most comfortable high fashion shoes you’ve ever worn.’

‘I recognise that you could lose weight by eating less and exercising more but how long have you been saying that you’re going to do just that? I promise to help you plan a menu that will allow you to lose weight healthily and without starving and I’ll be there to keep you motivated when that will power fails you.’

You get the idea but if you need any help just get in touch. I still have a couple of free one hour sessions available in January. Book your slot here. Book now because in February I’ll be reverting to 30 minute sessions. There’s no hidden hard sell, I just want you to do better business and to tell other people how great I am!


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