How much information do your customers want?

I’ve been listening to a few discussions about food labelling on the radio. Some are advocating more labelling and others less, as I’m also re-doing my website currently it got me thinking about how much information our prospects need.

What the discussions have shown is that there is no common agreement. Some people want great detail others just the key components. Meeting the needs of both is challenging but not impossible.

Learn from the experts

Look at the sales letters and landing pages written by accomplished copywriters. They make great use of sub heads to aid skim reading for those who are detail averse. In between the sub-heads are paragraphs of great detail for those who care about those things. In this way they meet the needs of both groups. How can you do that?

  • Copy the style of the experts and use sub-heads to break up your text and lead readers down the page. Check that the story makes sense if all your reader looks at are the subheads.
  • Use bullet points to cover the most important points
  • Make a short video for those who don’t like reading long copy. You can talk to camera, string together a series of stills with captions or turn a PowerPoint or similar presentation into a video.
  • Look at tools like and for fun and low cost ways to make video.

Here’s a quick Animoto video I made this morning to illustrate my point.

Now I need to make some more for my website. Why not have a go at making a video yourself and share it here?


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