Another case study in email marketing.

What makes you open an email? It’s either because it is from someone you like to hear from or it’s because the subject line interests you, right? So this morning I opened an email with a subject line that interested me, ‘Incredible half price offers on office essentials’ I expected to see some great half price deals, this is what I saw first


No mention of half price deals, just freebies and binders which appear not to be at half price and are quite expensive. If the giveaways are the most important hook to get me to buy then surely they should be in the subject line. I’m not interested in remote control cars or pasta sets I’m interested in essential supplies for my office.

They did eventually get to the half price deals at the bottom of the page ‘below the fold’ on my computer screen, here’s what was on offer


Lessons for the small business owner

  • Decide what your target market will be interested in?
  • Write a headline that will appeal to their interests.
  • Develop that interest with relevant product or service information in the first paragraph.
  • Make the value obvious
  • If you think that a freebie or a special offer will be more likely to make people buy put it after the information about the product or service that captured their interest.
  • If it’s a time limited deal tell people they need to hurry e.g. ‘offer closes in 3 days’ ‘buy now whilst stocks last’. Make this bold. In this email the time limit is in the legal mumbo jumbo at the bottom of the page!
  • Make it obvious what action you want people to take.
  • Make only one offer per email or people will be confused.

Do you want to do better than this?

If you want an email marketing campaign that works talk to us. Our last campaign had a 64.1% open rate, a click through rate of 16.6% and was making sales within the hour. Call Glenda on +44 20 8991 2767 (8.00a.m to 8.00p.m. GMT please) or email


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