A case study in how to do email marketing.

My last couple of posts have been a bit negative, showing you how not to do email marketing, so today I’m going to share an example of how it should be done. This one landed in my inbox with the subject line: 3 reasons to order today, GLENDA! Short, sharp to the point and personalised, as this is a company I’ve bought from before, I’m intrigued. This is the email:

Email marketing

A great example of email marketing.

What’s good about it?

  • I can see in an instant whether this is something of interest
  • It has a strong image which clearly displays the product’s features
  • It has a headline which is consistent with the subject line of the email
  • It gives three clear, succinct reasons (as promised) 3 is a good number, it sounds enticing whereas 1 would be ‘so what’ and 5 would take too much space. Avoid even numbers because the brain splits them visually so that they have less impact.
  • It makes a relevant special offer to encourage action (no remote control cars or pasta sets here)
  • It highlights a feature I might be interested in and which is consistent with the image
  • It gives me a reason for acting now
  • It tells me what action to take without bullying me into a purchase.

The click takes us to…

Email marketing example

Again a short and succinct message which is still personalised to me. The message re-emphasises reasons why I should buy (my only gripe is that there’s a grammar mistake, it should be ‘an easy decision’). The order form appears below this message making it easy to take the action so in a couple of minutes and just two clicks I can have placed my order. Is your email marketing that simple?

Here’s what the whole webpage looks like:

A great sales page

One click and I’m through to where I can place my order. One more click and I’m done.


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