Should you have a coach, mentor or trusted adviser?

Do you ever get so close to your business that it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees? You wouldn’t be alone.

Is your passion for your business affecting your decision making?

This week I attended a networking event where the speaker shared some of her lessons learned in business. One of her confessions was that she had been so passionate about her vision for her business that, on occasion, she had avoided decisions that would have been in her own and the business’ best interests. Is this something you can relate to?

I think we all need a passion for our businesses. Without it how can we keep going when things are really tough? However when things are tough a mentor or adviser can be really helpful. Your mentor may see things you don’t see, may have fresh ideas and will be able to provide you with support with difficult decisions.

Are your ideas limited by your experience?

Is it sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees?

Is it sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees?

The morning after the networking event I went to meet a new client to get an inside view of the challenges I have been asked to help him with. When I asked him what their best source of new clients was I was immediately able to make a suggestion for a low cost, easy action that he could take to win more people like them. It wasn’t rocket science, just an objective view from an outsider asking some relevant questions and making some fresh observations.

It wasn’t that my client wasn’t good at his job, he is, but his experience is all in one field so this is the knowledge he has to draw on. I have never worked in that field so my ignorance of the way things are typically done is an advantage. My thinking is not constrained by custom and practice. I can relate ideas that have worked elsewhere to my client’s challenges and offer ideas that he and his colleagues may not have thought of.

Successful people have coaches or mentors

Andy Murray won the Olympic Gold, The US open and Wimbledon when he got himself the right coach. Richard Branson is reputed to have more than one coach. Margaret Thatcher had a type of coach. Many supremely successful people do.

A good coach or mentor does not take over but may ask difficult questions, may challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and should then support you as you stretch yourself and your business. The control remains yours. The decisions remain yours. The rewards are yours. What the coach or mentor does is help you to work through the decisions, to challenge you to think bigger, to help you remove your own limiting beliefs.

I know that whenever I have had a coach I have found different ways to look at things, have pushed out my boundaries and challenged myself to greater success. Could a coach or mentor help you and your business? If you think this is a possibility book yourself one of our free 30 minute telephone consultations. I’ll help you to work out what kind of coach you need and will probably be able to recommend someone suitable, If it’s marketing help you need it might be me!

Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack helps small businesses to grow by finding ways to sell more to new and existing customers. To find out how we can help you email


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