Can political parties teach business owners anything?

I usually keep my business well away from politics but a news item this week made my ears prick up! Apparently the political parties in the UK, learning from the US, have re-categorised voters according to their attitudes, outlooks and values rather than the stereotypes they used to use. So now rather than Mondeo man or Worcester Woman we are placed into one of the following six tribes:

  • Comfortable nostalgia
  • Hard pressed anxiety
  • Optimistic contentment
  • Calm persistence
  • Long term despair
  • Cosmopolitan critics

Why is this important? The idea is that politicians will now be able to develop their policies and craft their messages to appeal more to particular types of voter. The aim will be to make advertising more appealing to the targeted segments of the electorate. (If you want to know more click here.)

What has this to do with business?

Target customers

How do you segment your prospects?

Traditionally businesses have also segmented their customers and prospects by demographic data. This is OK when everyone in a demographic group shares the same interests or behaves in the same way but how often does that happen? Take a group of 50-60 year olds for instance, some will be looking forward to retirement and time with the grandchildren, some will still have children in school, others will be looking for new adventures, starting businesses or travelling to far flung places. So there is no such thing as a typical 50-60 year old and if we market to the group as a whole our message is unlikely to hit the spot.

So in planning their marketing strategy businesses also need to look at segmenting their customers by their attitudes, values, outlook, problems etc. That way we can ensure we tailor our offers to meet our prospects’ needs and adapt our marketing messages to get the desired response.

So how do we do that?

These days it’s easier than ever to find out what matters to our customers. We can use the traditional methods of asking them either face to face or through surveys or we can track their conversations and engagement on social media. What are people talking about on Twitter? What are they posting or sharing on Facebook? What are they discussing on Linked In? You get the idea.

If you would like help to work out how to segment your customers and prospects and then how to use that information in your marketing book yourself a free, no obligation consultation with me. Click here to book your slot. 

Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack helps small businesses to grow by finding ways to sell more to new and existing customers. To find out how we can help you email 


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