Tell me why!

How often do you get asked to ‘Like us on Facebook’, ‘Follow us on Twitter’ or similar entreaties? If you’re anything like me your answer will be ‘all the time’. What do you do?

I suspect that, if it’s a friend asking or a business you have a relationship with, you do as you are asked but that you ignore the rest. Am I right? facebook like

Are you guilty of making requests like these? What happens? Do many people do what you want them to do? Probably the answer would be ‘not as many as you would like’. There is a simple solution.

Tell me why I should do what you want me to do.

Ideally explain what’s in it for me. For example, ‘Like us on Facebook for lots of business inspiration and ideas’, ‘Follow us on Twitter for details of our daily menus and special offers’.

This is a fundamental lesson in marketing, always explain to your prospect what’s in it for them and ideally back that up with an example or a testimonial. That way at least some of your targets will do what you want them to do.

If you need some help in crafting your message book a free 30 minute telephone conversation and I’ll get you started.

Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack helps small businesses to grow by finding ways to sell more to new and existing customers. To find out how we can help you email 


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