How to get your emails opened, part 2

Your subject line needs to do one or more of these.

Your subject line needs to do one or more of these.

What makes you open an email? I suspect there will be one of three main reasons:

  1. It’s part of a conversation you are already having with the sender
  2. It’s from someone you have an ongoing relationship with
  3. The subject line captured your attention

The chances are that your target behaves like you do so they will open an email for one of the three reasons above. One and two are relatively easy it’s the third one I want to talk about today.

Your subject line is crucial

Your subject line is the key to getting your emails opened. The best subject lines do one or more of three things:

  • Share news
  • Create curiosity
  • Sell a benefit

If you can do all of those things in one subject line you could be on to a winner but take care not to be so clever that your prospect goes, ‘What?’

You might find people willing to open an email with a subject line ‘How can our new service save you time and money?’

This involves all three criteria:

  • it’s a new product not same old that you’ve written about before
  • there’s a potential benefit in saving time and money
  • it creates curiosity because the subject line doesn’t give you the answer.

You could have written, ‘Our new service will save you time and money’  and this might work but I would suggest a question would work better. Asking a question triggers a curiosity reaction in the brain in a way that a statement does not.

A word of warning

Regular readers will have heard me moan about subject lines that fail to deliver so that’s one mistake to avoid. Always make sure that your subject line and the content of your message are in alignment. If you don’t you might get one email opened but if it fails to deliver on its promise your disappointed target is unlikely to open your emails in the future.


If you are struggling to get your emails opened, get in touch. For new clients the first 30 minutes is free and we can give you some helpful suggestions in half an hour.

Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack helps small businesses to grow by finding ways to sell more to new and existing customers. To find out how we can help you email 


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