What’s stopping you?

What obstacles are stopping you from reaching your goals? If you are like most of us your list will probably include some or all of the following:

  • lack of time
  • the children are too young
  • lack of finance
  • too few customers
  • the children have exams
  • insufficient knowledge
  • lacking a skill
  • lack of ideas
  • the children are at a tricky stage
  • lack of staff
  • can’t find reliable suppliers at the right price
  • my partner needs my support
  • lack of clarity
  • don’t know what to do

I suspect your list won’t include your biggest obstacle. You! That’s right, most of us are our own worst enemies. Look at the list above, is it a list of obstacles or excuses?Nothing is an obstacle unless you say it

All too frequently we blame obstacles for our lack of progress when what we are really doing is making excuses. So I want you to raise your level of consciousness this week; look out for your excuses. What excuses are you making? Why are you making them? What would it take for you to make progress rather than excuses?

I’ll be doing the same. I already know that my biggest excuse is lack of time but what other reasons am I giving for limited progress? I’ll be revisiting this subject in the next few posts, looking for ways to overcome the obstacles, to give up on the excuses. Do join me,



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