Forget perfection, it’s not achievable.

My husband frequently gets more done than I do. It’s not that he’s quicker; he’s not. It’s not that he works harder; he doesn’t.  It’s not that he’s cleverer; he’s not. The reason he gets more done than me so often is that he accepts good enough whereas I always want perfection.

The drive for perfection is an obstacle that some of us put in the way of achievement. It’s a time waster. It holds us back and we need to let go. Perfection is not something we human beings can achieve. We can always see something that could have been a little bit better, something we could have improved.

I am careful not to confuse excellence


So will you join me in a pursuit of excellence and leave perfection to greater powers? Will you learn to accept good enough in order to make space for the next goal? Will you acknowledge that the pursuit of perfection is an obstacle to achievement and that excellence is a pretty good standard to aspire to?


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