Using Twitter for Business

I’m continuing my social media theme today with a look at Twitter which I believe to be the easiest platform to get to grips with. Used properly Twitter can be a fantastic tool for business and it doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes a day.

If you are new to Twitter you might find this handout useful.

What to use Twitter for.

Think of Twitter as a conversation with friends or people you would like to get to know better. People wouldn’t like you very much if you only ever talked about work or sold to them and they would soon get bored if you only spoke about yourself and what you had for breakfast! The best Twitter users mix up their conversations with questions, endorsements photos, sales pitches, useful information and sharing other people’s news etc. So here are some things you can use Twitter for:

  • drive traffic to a blog, lead page, event or article
  • share product development photos
  • share infographics that could be interesting to your audience
  • share testimonials and customer feedback
  • respond constructively to complaints and negative feedback so you show you are a trustworthy business
  • share tips, ideas, recipes and other people’s articles
  • ask questions or connect with other people at an event via live tweeting
  • build on relationships made at networking and other offline activities
  • find journalists looking for news stories (search #journorequest and click on ‘all’ to make sure you find all requests)
  • do customer or competitor research
  • find suppliers
  • thank customers and suppliers for good service or help
  • share real time information to help your customers e.g. Southern Electric used Twitter to give their customers updates during a power cut, Thames Water used it to let people know what was going on when the water stopped pumping; not great news but better for customers than no news!

Look out for local conversations to build relationships in your own community. Using a hashtag in the search bar will help you to find and participate in conversations. Try #yourtown to find people locally, use #business or #smallbiz to find business conversations. You may find regular conversations on Twitter, for example #EalingHour every Tuesday from 8.00-9.00p.m. connects local residents and businesses; #bizhour is a regular business conversation.

What else do you use Twitter for? Please share your tips in the comments section.

Some good examples of how to use Twitter effectively

Sainsbury's sharing tips, news and connecting with customers

Sainsbury’s sharing tips, news and connecting with customers

If you are new to the platform or wondering if you are making the best use of Twitter for your business take a look at some of the following accounts:

  • @Sainsbury’s
  • @ContactusEaling
  • @TheoPaphitis
  • @Jacqueline_Gold
  • @aquadesigngroup
  • @bodylinestudios
  • @thameswater


Boost your Twitter results

Twitter can be managed in just a few minutes a day. Use tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to programme your broadcast messages such as promotions, invitations to events and selling messages. Link your blog to Twitter so that it goes out automatically. that way you can devote your Twitter time to making connections with people. Twitter expert Mark Shaw has some useful tips in this article, I couldn’t put it better myself so read what Mark has to say.

I hope this article will get you using Twitter more strategically to grow your business. Be clear about what you are using Twitter for. Consider having a separate account for business if you are likely to post things in your personal account that you wouldn’t want your customers to read. Make sure you follow up on Twitter conversations, set Twitter up so that you are notified of Tweets to you on your smartphone. That way you will always be able to respond to customers in a timely manner.

Do please connect with me, @Glenda_S on Twitter, and I’ll be sure to share some of your tweets and news. I look forward to seeing you there.




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