Using Facebook for Business

I’m continuing with this month’s social media theme today and this time looking at how some businesses are using Facebook for business. I should start with a health warning! Facebook was not designed for business, it was designed as a social networking site so it really wants businesses to pay for the privilege of using it. Having said that Facebook knows a huge amount about its users so it is possible to target advertising very precisely and to start on a low budget. I haven’t tried it myself yet but plan to do so very soon.

If you are new to Facebook you need to know that there is a difference between your personal account and your business page. On your personal account you connect with ‘friends’ on your business page you connect with your ‘fans’ people who like your page or people who choose to follow you.

What to use Facebook for

Clever Facebook marketing

A clever way to promote more active engagement on Facebook.

Facebook is all about building relationships so be generous, comment on people’s posts, share things that your connections will enjoy, like pages that could be useful or interesting. The more interaction a business page gets the more people will get to see it in their timelines. Here are some ideas:

  • use the events tab to share details of your events and how to get tickets
  • post photos of products or ideas and ask for opinions (asking my contacts their opinions on my profile photos has been my most successful post to date)
  • share hints and tips that your fans and followers might find helpful, these are best posted as an image as more people will share these
  • share tips, events, humour, competitions etc. from other people and add a comment which will help you to build a relationship with the original ‘poster’
  • don’t sell all the time but add in some of your personality or something you know will connect with your followers (a photo of a glass of wine with a caption, ‘Is it time for one of these?’ worked very well for me)
  • run a ‘giveaway’ competition to capture more fans and contacts but make sure you comply with Facebook’s strict rules
  • join in a Fanpage Friday promotion but don’t ‘like’ pages just for the sake of it, connect with people who are likely to be interested in you or with whom you have a genuine interest
  • connect with other businesses similar to your own, it’s great for competitor research and you might be able to help each other. Craft type businesses are often very good at sharing each other’s work and pages.

Some good examples of how to use Facebook effectively for business

If you are new to Facebook or wondering how to use it more effectively for business then take a look at some of these pages for ideas:

and of course I would love you to like my pages:

Boost your Facebook results

As with all things marketing make sure you are posting on a regular basis, again you can automate posts using tools like Hootsuite. If you are short of time sharing other people’s posts takes seconds. As with all social media participation doesn’t have to take long, five minutes whilst you have a cup of tea, an hour or two preparing image based posts in advance and then scheduling them to go out when you want them to (use Hootsuite or Facebook’s own in built scheduler.)

There are numerous Facebook experts sharing hints and tips on their pages and in free webinars, amongst them Amy Porterfield and Mari Smith, so why not take a look at what they have to say? Do you have any tips or favourite Facebook experts whose advice you have found welcome? Do please share in the comments section if you have or share them on one of my Facebook pages.

Do please connect with me on Facebook and I’ll be sure to share your posts and pages.



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