Using Google+ for business

I’ll own up to being somewhat outside my comfort zone in today’s post. Google+ is not the most intuitive of the social media in my experience but I do believe that it is an important one. The big advantage Google Plus has over its competitors is that it is part of Google and is integrated with the search engine and all that means in terms of building your visibility online.

If you are new to Google Plus you will need to set up your account with a personal page and may then add a business page or two if you choose. However many people just operate from their personal pages.

What to use Google Plus for

Google plus is great for sharing your expertise. The trend across all social media is for images to generate more engagement than text and Google plus is no different. If you link your blog posts to Google Plus the system will automatically pick up the photos that you have incorporated into the post giving your page strong visual content as you can see on my page here.

Jamie Oliver has one of the largest Google + followings.

Jamie Oliver has one of the largest Google + followings.

Google Plus should help with your search engine optimisation so make sure you post regularly and ‘on topic’ using your keywords and areas of expertise. Here are some ideas of the kinds of things you can post:

  • invitations to events
  • links to your You Tube videos to build your credibility
  • blog articles that demonstrate your expertise
  • share other people’s articles and posts that will be of interest to your followers
  • images are said to get 87% more shares than text posts so turn tips into images
  • Use Google+ circles to organise the people you are following in to distinct groups by the nature of the relationships you have with them, this will enable you to manage your time on Google + more effectively
  • Join Google+ communities to connect with experts, potential collaborators or for research
  • Use Google hangouts to have one to one or group meetings or conversations with prospects, customers, potential suppliers etc. You can even run webinars through the medium. I think this is one of the best features of the Google infrastructure.

Some good examples of how to use Google Plus for business

If you are new to Google Plus or think that you could use it more effectively here are some examples from leading users:

and of course I would love you to connect with me at

Boost your Google Plus results

As with all social media regular and consistent posts will help build your following. Link your blog to Google plus so that some posts are automated. Again you don’t need to spend hours working at it but if you are just starting out devoting a little time to looking at how best to use the media will help you to get going. Use the links above to see how some of the experts are doing it, you will see that they don’t overdo their posts but they are relevant and they do share ideas from other people.

Here’s a really useful article from someone with lots more expertise on the topic than me

I’m off to develop my Google Plus page, will I see you there?



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