Get involved or get left behind.

This weekend a group of local traders got together to organise a summer fun day, they booked bands, sold stalls, organised activities for the kids, hung out the bunting and the balloons and promoted the event. The street was buzzing, people were visiting from outside the immediate area and were spending money. So why is it that some of the local businesses did not participate?

One of my clients used the occasion to celebrate 100 years of trading.

One of my clients used the occasion to celebrate 100 years of trading.

Surely if we are in business we are in it to make money? If we want to make money we have to win new customers and sell more to existing customers. If we want to win business we have to promote ourselves. So why do some business owners not join in?

I know marketing needs investment in time, creativity and possibly money but when it is virtually handed on a plate surely participation is a no brainer. I know that business is time consuming and exhausting but that is why we need our businesses to make money. When a business makes money it can afford to pay for extra help and the business owner can do other things with some of his or her time.

Today I was talking to the General Manager of a business support organisation, we were talking about the difficulty of getting people to attend events to promote their businesses. I’m amazed! If we don’t get out there and spread the word about our businesses then our competitors will.

Now I understand that if you run a high service business with long trading hours such as a shop or restaurant you may not be able to network but you can join in initiatives with other local traders. You can find stories for press releases and you can run inexpensive marketing campaigns, We can’t afford to rely on passing trade any more, that passing trade is on its way to the big box out of town retailers where they can park. They are eating at the big chain restaurants that they’ve heard of. They are spending their money elsewhere.

Remember, no one can buy from a business they’ve never heard of! So what are you going to do in the next month to promote your business? Why not book a free half hour to pick my brains for ideas? Book here.


2 thoughts on “Get involved or get left behind.

  1. Actually marketing does not need to be expensive in such cases. It just takes time, and encouraging all the family to turn up and help. Promote the business, promote the charity and have fun. Lisa

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