How an email can disappoint!

Do you ever feel you’re fighting a constant battle managing your inbox? Having spent hours trying to get mine down to zero I was a little annoyed by an email I got today. It came with the headline, ‘Our biggest news ever!’ so I was expecting a big announcement.

Here's the teaser

Here’s the teaser

So now I’m expecting to click through to some big announcement. This what I got,

Where's the announcement?

Where’s the announcement?

This email comes from a guy whose current product is about managing time. The product is supplemented by training in managing time and having focus. This email has wasted my time and I’m tempted to unsubscribe.

Teasers can be good

I don’t think there is anything wrong with teasers as a marketing ploy but I don’t think they should masquerade as a big announcement. Teasers should build excitement in your target audience. I think they should give us just a little hint about why we should be interested and I think they should indicate how long we have to wait to get to know more.

Teasers that help the target market identify a problem they would like to solve are good. If the teaser rubs a bit of salt into the wound and promises a solution then the anticipation builds. We might be tempted to join a special mailing list to become the ‘first to know’ when the new product or service launches but we won’t do that if there’s no hint about the benefits to us.

Perhaps when the big announcement is eventually made I might be blown away, that is if I open the email. This headline enticed me in, I am intrigued to see what the subject line will be when the announcement is eventually made.

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable?


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