Is it true?

We’re often advised to build urgency and scarcity into our marketing messages in order to encourage immediate action. It works because most of us put off taking action until the last minute unless we are given a good reason for acting now. However if we are going to use this ploy it needs to be believable. This week I’ve had a least 12 emails telling me to book my tickets for an event because they are running out.

Clearly the organisers have drafted an email and asked all their exhibitors and speakers to share it with their lists. I’m obviously on several of those lists hence the multiple emails. However, this event is in a huge venue and isn’t until the end of the month; I’m not sure I believe that the tickets are running out especially when I’ve received so many emails to tell me!

Buy now

Give a genuine reason to take action now.

If we are going to use urgency and scarcity it needs to be credible, here are some ideas that might work:

  • Only * tickets/places/days left
  • Offer expires on *
  • Only * tickets at this price
  • Price increases in * hours/days
  • Booking closes at *
  • Only available for * hours/days/weeks
  • Early bird price ends *

(* insert a believable number)

Don’t be like those stores that have a Closing Down sale going on for years, make a compelling case for your target to buy now.

I’m launching a new product on Friday 21st November and would really like your help to get it right. Please complete my two question survey, it will take less than two minutes of your time.


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