The only place for ‘we we’ is in the toilet!

The only place for 'we'

The only place for ‘we we’

How many websites do you visit that say ‘we do this and we do that and our customers are’? It’s the same with print marketing where businesses tell us ‘we are small and friendly, we’ve been established since 2014’. It’s all about ‘we we’ ‘our’ and ‘us’. Their target is not interested! They are interested in themselves, in their problems and in their own agenda.

If a prospect walked in to your business you would probably say, ‘How can I help you?’ or ‘How are you?’ You wouldn’t start the conversation with ‘we can help you’ would you? So why do so many people do it in their marketing?

Speak to your target

If you want your marketing to be effective your target has to read it and they are much more likely to do that if it addresses their concerns quickly. ‘You’ and ‘your’ are much more important words than ‘we and ‘our’. Your marketing materials should help you to open a conversation with your prospect so why not use a conversational style?

Here are a few tips to help you to avoid the ‘we we’:

  • Think about the problem your prospect is having that the product or service you’re advertising is designed to solve
  • How do they feel about that problem? Is it a major anxiety or a minor irritation?
  • If you were speaking to them about that problem face to face what questions would you ask them? What would they be telling you?
  • Now use that information to craft your marketing message. For example, ‘Is your tax return causing you to lose sleep at night?’ ‘Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?’
  • Once your target recognises themselves and their problem they will be more willing to listen to how you can solve it for them. However, that is not an excuse to go mad with the ‘we, we’! Keep a balance between ‘we and you’ and ‘our and your’, Ideally you want more of ‘you’ and less of ‘we’

So consign ‘we we’ to the toilet and your marketing is much more likely to succeed.

If all this causes you too much of a headache we can help. Send us a draft piece that you are struggling with and we’ll give you some suggestions to make it work, no charge! Alternatively, if you’d just like to have the job done for you, ask about one of our marketing packages. Email



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