Getting your marketing communication read

I don’t have to tell you how we are bombarded with information these days. Emails, TV, the web, text messages, social media, blogs, print media, fliers, webinars, podcasts and more all competing for our attention. If your communication starts with your name, has a list of features and no captivating images then why should your target even look at it?

How will you capture attention?

Controversial advertisement

This image certainly attracted lots of attention!

The first thing that any marketing communication has to do is to capture the attention of its target audience. A strong image can help. How many times have you been motivated to read a begging letter by the image of the distended belly of a small child, the ruins of a war torn town, or the sad expression of a very elderly person? How many times has an image of a great plate of food, a stunning piece of jewellery or a sleek car caused you to click through to a website to find out more? The saying, ‘an image is worth a thousand words’ is very true.

Who needs an excuse for a celebration flier

This postcard worked well for one of my clients

That’s not to say that words don’t work either but it can be more of a challenge to say what you want to say succinctly. It’s not easy to identify your target audience and their problem in a few words for a headline but it can be done. For example, ‘Where will your next new customer come from?’ might capture the attention of a business owner wanting to grow her customer base. ‘Is her snoring keeping you awake at night?’ would probably make a sleep deprived partner to read on.

Combining an image and words can be very effective.

Can you make your target audience think and/or feel?

Buying decisions tend to be emotional however much we like to persuade ourselves that we’re being logical. Can you find a way to tap into your target’s emotions with your headline or your image? If you can create intrigue or raise curiosity your communications will get read. Could you do something with the following, (substitute your own pain/solution/target where appropriate)?

  • What’s the solution to the never ending ‘to do’ list ?
  • How can you lose weight without being hungry?
  • Is it possible to get your new baby to sleep all night?
  • Where can you find a steady stream of customers ready to do business with you?
  • What would you do if your main fuse blew at 7.30p.m.?

You get the idea. Why not start looking for inspiration in the fliers that come through your door, the adverts you see on TV or in your newspaper? Many will be rubbish bit there’s a lesson in there too. If you are in the UK watch Comic Relief on Friday evening because they are bound to have many ideas you can adapt (and if you can’t watch read this article which reveals all!)

There are other ways to capture attention but they’re for another article…


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